Welcome Readers!

Over the past few months, we’ve assembled a team of digital enthusiasts to create a new kind of platform that is global, digitally native, and designed for the mobile and tablet devices that increasingly dominate our lives. Here we are presenting the very new digital edition of AB Buzz.

In this inaugural issue, we are pleased to present to the Employees of AB Group a publication that we believe encapsulates the current group excitement and day to day affairs. The intellectual appeal of this portal has linked numerous fields from the latest vertical news & information to recreational activities across the Group. We hope to facilitate an inclusive discussion between these diverse perspectives and create an open, yet structured forum for discussion.

Replacing the traditional PDF Newsletters, we’ve built this site to make it much easier to find and share resources. Our previous 15 Newsletters are available for download.

The goal with this digital magazine is to leverage relationships, knowledge and the trust. Throughout my career, I’ve benefited greatly from working in teams and offices filled with bright creative ideas who taught me the value of collaboration and the importance of varied viewpoints. In an effort to continue the spirit, I’ve created the Editorial Board you’ll see listed on our website. It’s a board consisting of some of the colleagues I’ve ever had the pleasure of working or interacting with. As digital media continues to evolve, I’ll rely on their feedback and input to ensure that AB Buzz always delivers the highest quality content to you.

It is a rule of the Internet that most people initially hate redesigns, and we know it will take some getting used to. But we believe it looks better, works better, and is going to enhance your experience of the site. It all should be fairly intuitive and what you don’t get you should figure out with a little clicking around. Stay tuned for more excitement ahead. More details will be shared with you over the next few months. Idea is to digitize everything. We are also adding new email updates, forums and open discussions for all employees to help you keep up to date on the latest news.

We would like to sincerely thank all our Directors, CEO’s, Marketing personnel, HR fraternity for their extensive encouragement & support.

Reflecting our long-standing commitment to improve, we welcome your feedback, comments & valuable suggestions as we continue to improve this site. Post the same on ideas@abbegroup.com. We really hope you find this magazine useful and interesting. Please enjoy this digital edition of AB Buzz, where our daily mission will always be just this: “letting the people know.”

Manish Chaudhary
Projects Lead & Editor-In-Chief, AB Buzz