A pledge to make Earth Go Green, press release

Parveen Travels, has always gone the extra mile to create an impact and change the society. Following the vision and words of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, our Go Green initiative aim towards creating awareness towards the importance of Green Environment. We have successfully planted over 1 Lakh trees in the past year in association with various organizations like Green Kalam Foundation, Inner Wheel Club, Russian Cultural Centre and also through volunteer groups. We have specially branded 6 buses in an attempt to emphasize the importance of Green Environment to the people. Some of the initiatives we do through the campaign are
• Go Green Buses
• Driver Awareness Program
• Sapling Plantation
• Spread the Green message
On the first anniversary of Dr. Kalam We pledge to take the initiative to the next level, we would like to announce the launch of our Parveen Green Drive. We have planned to take few initiatives such as
• Emphasize the importance of planting trees in schools and colleges
• Coordinating with various schools to include this in one of their extracurricular activities
• Introduce monthly e-magazine to educate and create awareness about agriculture, tree plantation, energy conservation and other ways in making our earth Go Green.
• Creating awareness on green environment

In addition to this, we have also planned to plant and maintain 1 Lakh saplings in and around Chennai & rest of the Tamil Nadu. For more details, visit

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