Parveen Express Portal Launch

We have always worked towards technological up gradation and our development team is constantly on the lookout to be in par with the latest technological updates. We have relaunched our Parveen Express portal which serves our B2B customers. The portal is equipped with advanced GPS Tracking Facility which provides real time data for our customers.
As quoted by Mr. Manish Chaudhary, Projects Lead,

It has been a wonderful day so far and the response has been wonderfully supportive & encouraging.

In order to organize and streamline Parveen Express operations, we have launched eCargo Logistics Solution, state of the art application which is robust enough to tackle most of our day to day operational challenges.

Thank You for support in this application launch! Your feedback has been invaluable and will expect more.
Special thanks to Mr. Balajee, Mr. Karthick, Mr. Senthil & Mr. Ajay, without their efforts it would not have possible to Go Live today.

I want to thank you Developers, finally all your hard work, sleepless nights have paid off, and I thank you from bottom of my heart.

Special thanks to Management for believing in us.

We would like to continue hearing positive feedback which fuels our enthusiasm and inspires us to move forward. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

If you want to know what all the fuss is about, jump in now:

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