Parveen Travels “Inspiring Women’s Yatra” Event at VGP Snow World

Parveen Travels celebrated International Women’s day by conducting a campaign ‘Inspiring Women’s Yatra’ where a group of about 100 under privileged girl children and old age women were taken to VGP Snow World and made them to spend time in the world class entertainment center. Some of the special guests were Mr. VG Santhosh, Owner of VGP and Ms. Sangeetha Sundaram, HR Professional, Mr. A Akram, Director, Parveen Travels were present at the event. The company partnered with charity organizations United Way & SAIL who helped in bringing the kids, old age women and mentally challenged women from various orphanages and old age homes.

Mr. A Akram, Director, Parveen Travels said “We are really proud to conduct such an event especially for these kids and it was really emotional seeing them spend time happily. The purpose of organizing such an event is that there are so many organizations celebrating different class of women but we felt there is an absolute need that we need to select those category of people who are still below the poverty line, those who live in orphanages and old age homes who cannot even dream of thinking travelling in an AC Bus and spending time happily with others in an world class entertainment center. Women empowerment plays a significant role in boosting our country’s economy and development. We at Parveen Travels always encourage women to travel. I am extremely proud to say we provide the most comfortable, safe and reliable service to especially women travelers. Most of the companies celebrate and give special discounts to women on Women’s day or the previous week. We decided, why celebrate women only on women’s day? Every day is a women’s day as we provide extra 5% discount to all women travelers. In the past year, we were able to observe that nearly 1.5 Lakh women travelled with us to various destinations and discount worth of Rs. 54,00,000 have been provided exclusively to women travellers. Through this offer, we saw an increase of approximately 10% growth in women choosing our company for their travel needs”

Once they came out of the snow world, cake was cut to mark the occasion and as a souvenir, Parveen Travels provided special gifts to all the kids and women who were delighted to receive them from chief guests Mr. VG Santhosh and Ms. Sangeetha Sundaram. As the tagline says “It was a meaningful day meant for under privileged kids and women”

Parveen Travels provide equal importance to all communities especially women who plays a significant role in each and everyone’s life. The company has avid plans to conduct such events in near future which will truly make a difference in everyone’s life.

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