Lalaji Memorial Omega International School students rescued

Parveen Travels partnered with Lalaji Memorial Omega International School, Kolapakkam and helped rescue 250 small children(9-18 yrs) who were 5Ft in water on their School terrace.

The students went through a horrid time at Chennai with the light drizzle on Tuesday turning into heavy downpour. They had appeared for the examination held on Tuesday morning. They said they were helplessly watching from their rooms upstairs as water level kept rising. By 4.30 am on Wednesday, standing water had immersed even the first floor of their hostel building and the kitchen of the hostel also drowned. As such, they had to spend time without food and water. During the day water level kept rising, and there was no power, with telephone lines and cellphones not functioning. As such the students could not even contact their families.

The students said buses and cars were seen floating in water and snakes and other poisonous creatures floating in water created a sense of terror in their minds. During the entire period of 24 hours, they said they could get only a few biscuits and some water. At midnight, a boat came to take them, and they boarded the boat, which took them to safety from where a bus took them away from danger, they recalled.

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  1. The information that you have posted, though well intentioned, needs little correction.
    The children were brought out safely and sent to Bangalore, from where they have all gone home.


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